November 29, 2011: Honk Honk, My Darling wins the Book of the Year Award (Nontraditional Fiction) from the Chicago Writers Association! From the comments of the judge, Robert W. Walker:

This novel packs so much humor on each page, combining humor and the solving of the case with a unique panache. The novel defies categorization and flies in the face of convention while at the same time using the conventions of humor and mystery, a rare find; a paradox that works.

This is the first-ever award given by the Chicago Writers Association. While “nontraditional” can surely describe clown noir, in this instance it refers to self-published and electronic books. For more on the CWA, click here or go to their blog for news of this year’s other winners.

I also received a great blurb from AJ Jacobs (My Life as an Experiment, The Know-It-All) in November:

Great book! This is Raymond Chandler meets Barnum & Bailey. It’s as entertaining as a car-load of clowns. Or more specifically, a car-load of tough-talking, poker-playing, metaphor-spewing clowns.

I received a very nice blurb from Matt Walsh of the Upright Citizens Brigade (and The Hangover and High Life and TV’s “Outsourced”) in October:

“A wonderful e-book. Like Raymond Chandler before him, Garner explores the seedy underbelly of show business. Chandler showed us the truth about the heavyweights of the silver screen, while Garner gives us a glimpse of the big shots of the circus world. And it’s a world populated by kinkers, joeys, flatties, ginks, bips, midgets and fat ladies. Where these worlds overlap, they are seen through the eyes of private dicks and poor saps. Garners unscathing look at the big top does not avoid any ugly truths, like the historical fact that clowns and midgets have never gotten along.”