It’s 1944, in a dirty, crowded American city. As different groups struggle to scratch out a living, territorial boundaries remain clearly marked. The Chinese stay in Chinatown. Negroes crowd into Black Bottom. And the circus folks “faded stars, hangers- on and those kinkers temporarily down on their luck” keep their distance from “respectable society” in a sawdusty ghetto called Top Town.

There, under garish neon and tattered canvas, audiences come every night for cheap thrills, both wholesome and not. Fire eaters perform for gin money. Gypsies reveal the future (and for a sawbuck can make it happen). Daredevils cheat Death time after time, but once. And witness to it all is one of the most loved and notorious figures in Top Town, a tough joey with a deadly past and a nose for picking all the wrong fights: Rex Koko, private clown.

Women want him. Men want to be him. Children want to pull his finger.

Step right this way! Smell the popcorn and the whiskey! Hear the elephants trumpet and the pistols explode, the laughter and the screams! And tell me that anyone with a heart beating in his chest can resist the siren’s call!

Not for the feint-hearted!

Honk Honk, My Darling: A Rex Koko, Private Clown Mystery is the latest novel from James Finn Garner, author of the international bestseller Politically Correct Bedtime Stories. Garner has sold more than 4.5 million books worldwide, and been translated into more than 20 languages.

Through the wonders of our technological age, Honk Honk, My Darling: A Rex Koko, Private Clown Mystery is now available as an e-book for all manner of electronic wonders. Purchase it instantly for Kindle by travelling here! Or for other e-readers and pads by perambulating here!

In addition, hard copies of actual paper, suitable for shelving or reading in the bathtub, made from the finest materials from the Four Corners of the Earth, are now avialable for purchase from the darkest depths of Amazon. To peruse these offerings, click here!

Award-Winning Entertainment!

Recently bestowed with the award 2011 BOOK OF THE YEAR (Non-traditional fiction) by the esteemed judges of the Chicago Writers Association! Huzzah!

Try Before You Buy, My Friend!

For free sample chapters of Honk Honk, My Darling, click here. You have nothing to lose but your grip on reality. These come with absolutely no strings attached. What are you waiting for?

For People of Taste and Refinement

James Finn Garner’s other books are also available in forms to suit any taste and budget. He’s been called a “master of modern satire(Cleveland Plain Dealer) and a “master of the tour de force(Washington Post). For further edification, please follow this link to his official website:

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