Honk Honk, My Darling Double Indignity The Wet Nose of Danger


Welcome to Top Town! A sawdusty ghetto, where Life comes 3 balls for a nickel.

Top Town is home for circus people — the kinkers — worn out, washed up, waiting for a call to join up with a show somewhere. Every night, flatties from the city come by looking for thrills — some wholesome, others not. This ain’t no Sunday School show, pally. When the friction heats up, there’s only one joey to call: Rex Koko, Private Clown.

Come one, come all! Smell the popcorn and the whiskey! Hear the elephants trumpet and the pistols explode, the laughter and the screams!

And tell me that anyone with a heart beating in his chest can resist the siren’s call!

rex-2013-mailer-5x75-frontUnlike Anything You’ve Ever Read!

For the finest in clown noir mysteries, crammed full of dames, wise guys, elmers, pongers, eel juice and spangleprats.

Award-Winning Entertainment!

Who wants to read a BOOK OF THE YEAR (Non-traditional fiction)? Only discerning customers like you! Both Honk Honk, My Darling and The Wet Nose of Danger have been so honored by the esteemed judges of the Chicago Writers Association! Huzzah!

Try Before You Buy, My Friend!

For free sample chapters of the thrilling adventures of Rex Koko, click on any of the books at the top of this page. You have nothing to lose but your grip on reality. These come with absolutely no strings attached, pally. What are you waiting for? A better deal somewhere else?

From the Author of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

James Finn Garner’s other books are also available in forms to suit any taste and budget. He’s been called a “master of modern satire(Cleveland Plain Dealer) and a “master of the tour de force(Washington Post). For further edification, please follow this link to his official website: http://www.jamesfinngarner.com.

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